Carrie Preston Talks Billith and True Blood Season 6 Finale — Exclusive!
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Carrie Preston Talks Billith and True Blood Season 6 Finale — Exclusive!

When we last left Arlene (Carrie Preston) in True Blood, she was comforting a distraught Terry (Todd Lowe) after he killed his former army buddy, Patrick. Oh, and did we mention that pesky fire monster stalking Terry throughout Season 5?

With Patrick dead and the Ifrit sated, what will be in store for Arlene in True Blood Season 6? Wetpaint Entertainment got the chance to speak exclusively with Carrie Preston at the Critic’s Choice Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on June 10. During our chat with the fiery-haired actress, Carrie spilled on where Arlene and Terry are at when True Blood Season 6 picks up, what role she’ll play in helping Andy (Chris Bauer) with his fairy triplets, and why she thinks Billith is “perfect.”

Wetpaint Entertainment: So where do we pick up in Season 6?

Carrie Preston: We’re picking up right where we left off so there are some ramifications you know for their actions, she and Terry last season. They killed this guy! Right in Merlotte's so you can’t do something like that without it having some kind of impact.

How are Arlene’s children going to be affected by that?

Well luckily Arlene and Terry, as crazy as their lives are, they’re very good parents and they are very protective of the kids.

Are they catching on at all?

Yeah um, I mean wouldn’t you get a little shaken up? They don’t know what happened though.

Will you be involved with Andy’s fairy triplets? I can’t believe I just said that.

Well you know Arlene is the mother on the show so you can draw your conclusions from that.

What can you tell me about vampire-turned-god Billith?

Well that’s definitely going to be explained in a way, that is, it’s not going to be what you probably expect. So they’re definitely going to throw in an interesting twist to that.

It definitely took me off guard!

Yeah we really didn’t know what is was but it’s perfect.

So you like where the story is headed?

Oh yes, and we just got the script for the finale. We’re almost done; we have like a month left.

Do you actually watch the show every Sunday?

Not together but I do, I watch the show with family or with friends or whoever is around.

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