Casey Shteamer on Her New Life — and New Blog! Exclusive
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Casey Shteamer on Her New Life — and New Blog! Exclusive

As anyone who watched Casey Shteamer on Season 16 of The Bachelor knows, the girl’s got mad style. Now, she’s decided to take her passion for hot, affordable clothes and accessories to the next level with the launch of her new blog, Imperfect Wonder.

Congrats Casey, you’re now in the esteemed company of your castmates Jenna Burke and Jaclyn Swartz who edit The Overanalyst and Blond Hair Don’t Care, respectively as our favorite Bachelor lady bloggers. In an exclusive interview with Wetpaint Entertainment, Casey, a Kansas native, dishes on her new life in Chicago and her new baby blog!

First things first, how are you liking Chicago?
Chicago feels like home. I love the city, but it is a little more conservative than LA. In LA, you can pretty much say or wear whatever you want, whenever you want, and no one blinks an eye. Not always the case in Chicago. Kansas is where I grew up, and I love to go home to visit, but now it feels very closed-minded to me in many ways so I wouldn't want to live there permanently.

How long have you wanted to do a fashion blog?
The idea of having my own blog first started buzzing in my head about a year ago. I love other blogs and thought it would be a lot of fun to have my own. Almost as an excuse to do what I love to do anyway, put outfits together and keep a log and history of them and how they evolve.

Take us inside the way a post happens. Do you get an idea for an outfit, then have it photographed?
Usually, my dressing process is something like this: I'll collect a lot of pieces that I love from shopping trips with no clue how I want to put them together. Then I will have one day where I just try everything in my closet on together and see what I like....or sometimes, I'll literally just pick two random things off the floor and it'll work.

How would you describe your typical look?
My look is definitely affordable. I’m huge on sales! I try not to spend a lot but I hate cheap material so sales are generally how I buy my clothes. My look is a little edgy, I don't think anything too over the top, but it's definitely not conservative.

Have you always been into fashion?
Yes. At the age of 3, I was allowed to dress myself and I was very determined about it. I had these patent leather shoes that I refused to take off, even when I was wearing pajamas! In fifth grade, I once wore my jeans to school inside out because I thought they looked cooler that way. Not quite sure they did but at least I tried!

Why should people read your blog as opposed to all the fashion blogs out there?
I think I'm approachable. I'm not wearing designer, I stick to everyday labels because that is what I can afford. But really, it's about finding a blogger or multiple bloggers you connect with. Some people aren't going to get my vision, and that's OK.

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