The Bachelor

Bachelor 18’s Cassandra Ferguson’s AMAZING Hair Transformation! WHOA!

Oh no she DIDN’T! The Bachelor 18’s Cassandra Ferguson made big waves on the show this season — literally — for her signature luxurious hairdo. We were dying over it when we tried to get the look at our favorite salon.

So, when she shared an Instagram pic of SUPER shorn hair on April 1, we were aghast. HOW. COULD. SHE!?! ;We can’t have been the only ones shaken to the core of our very beings. A betrayal such as this is SO TYPICAL of TV stars. We trusted you, Mama Cass, to always be our style guru!

Except, have you seen the new hairdo? It is AMAZING! Like, better than anyone could ever look with short hair, times three, plus a billion. The chopped, shaggy look shows off her youthful glow, perfect features, enviable eyebrow arches, and unattainable jawline. Basically, she looks even better! Want to see the new look and weigh in on which you like better? Click through to see!