The Walking Dead

Which Walking Dead Cast Member Showed Off His Babyhood Bowl Cut?

This actor is now a grown man of 35, and plays a pivotal role on TWD. But like all of us, there was a time when he was just a cute little tyke with a sweater vest and a missing tooth that you lost just in time for Picture Day.

"When I was a kid, I wore a headlamp in all of my school pictures," joked this Walking Dead actor over Twitter — probably a reference to the cell phone slash reflected in the shot. Yet, he didn't mention another notable feature of the pic: the bowl cut!

Need a hint? This actor is relatively new to TWD, but has already become kind of a favorite — partially because of being instantly recognizable from the comics. Still not getting it? His haircut on the show is much, much different than his childhood 'do.

Give up? Have a guess? Click through to see if you're right — or just see the answer.