Game of Thrones

The Game Of Thrones Cast Gives Advice to Their Characters (VIDEO)

Let's be honest: The characters on Game of Thrones could all use a little advice now and then. Even the smartest and most moral of the lot are apt to find themselves in a tight spot or four every season. Fortunately, the actors who bring the people of Westeros to life are here to dish out the harsh love their characters need to hear.

As part of the Game of Thrones themed Vanity Fair issue, the cast filmed this fun video giving their characters advice. Here are some of our favorite words of wisdom.

Peter Dinklage to Tyrion: "Drink far less wine." Sounds right to us. Tyrion can normally keep his tongue in check, except when he's loosened it with booze — which happens to be most of the time these days.

Aidan Gillen to Littlefinger: "Keep shady. Don't mind what they're saying about you. Stick with it."

Jack Gleeson on Joffrey: "Perhaps listen to his new wife, and start, you know, taking social welfare more seriously." As if that would ever happen.

Kit Harington to Jon Snow: "Smile more."

Lena Headey to Cersei: "Winning is not the only option."

Sophie Turner to Sansa: "Don't trust creepy old men." Amen to that!

Watch the video for all this and more!

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