Has The Glee Cast Gone Completely Insane? Video Evidence
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Has The Glee Cast Gone Completely Insane? Video Evidence

If you’ve ever wondered how the Glee cast spends its time, then you need to watch this kooky but hilarious behind-the-scenes video taken from the show’s set. You should also watch it if you’ve ever wondered if an orange cone could fit on Jacob Artist’s (Jake) head.

We know the Glee cast members take their jobs seriously, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like to cut loose a bit, as this video taken during downtime of the Season 4 finale taping proves. We also learn that Chord Overstreet (Sam) isn’t the only cast member who likes to do funny voices especially as a long shooting day drags on.

“Listen, this is the fun bit because when we’re filming, and we get to, like, hour 13 and on, we go a bit crazy,” Kevin McHale (Artie) tells the camera in what appears to be something akin to a Beatles accent but might actually be closer to South African. And you definitely need to see the Voldemort impression that he does! Impeccable.

Some of the biggest laughs come as Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina) and Becca Tobin (Kitty) infiltrate Chord and Jacob’s interview. Becca puts an orange street cone on Jacob’s head for some reason, and then she tries to get Chord to blow his nose into a tissue she’s holding.

“This is our day player she’s actually 42,” Jacob jokingly says about Becca.

Seriously, this video may quite possibly be the highlight of your week, if not your decade. And here we didn’t think we possibly get any more reasons why we wish we could hang out on the Glee set 24/7.

Source: Glee on FOX on YouTube

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