Bachelorette Cast-Off Nick Viall Breaks Silence in First Post-Finale Interview
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Bachelorette Cast-Off Nick Viall Breaks Silence in First Post-Finale Interview

Usually there’s plenty of sympathy heaped on the runners-up on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. After all, most of us don’t have our most painful breakups play out on national television. However, Nick Viall definitely lost a significant segment of Bachelor Nation’s pity when he committed the cardinal sin of disclosing what went on between him and Andi Dorfman in the Boom Boom Room, aka The Fantasy Suite.

Nick finally got a chance to defend himself in a less emotional setting during his first post-finale interview on E! News July 30. Appropriately, his interviewer was Ali Fedotowsky, who has been on both sides of the roses in her heyday and was sympathetic to Nick’s position in all of this. “I honestly almost started crying during their interview,” she later told her fellow E! news anchors of her reaction to the “After the Final Rose” special.

Ali also reminded viewers and her co-hosts that Nick had no other venue to ask Andi about what went wrong. “He seemed really hurt.”

The first thing Nick wanted to explain about his “After the Final Rose” gaffe was his choice of words. “There’s ‘sex’ and then there’s ‘making love’,” he explains, saying his question was angling more at the emotional intimacy he felt from Andi that night, not the physical stuff.

Okay, we get that, Nick, but maybe there was a better way to phrase it? Well, Nick couldn’t agree more. “I was probably as surprised as anyone that it came out,” he reflects on the infamous question. “I understand it’s a controversial thing I did.”

As for the the rumor that he’s in the running for the next Bachelor, Nick says, “I haven’t put any thought into it.” While he’s “flattered to be considered,” he wants to make sure his “heart is ready” for something like that.

Seems to us he still has a long journey ahead before he gets to that place.

Do you feel sympathetic toward Nick, or were his AFR actions inexcusable?

Source: E! News