Bachelor in Paradise Spoilers: Which of Andi Dorfman’s Guys Backed Out? (UPDATE)
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Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise Spoilers: Which of Andi Dorfman’s Guys Backed Out? (UPDATE)

UPDATE 6/16/14: In the game known as trying to see the future before it airs on network television, even spoiler king Reality Steve can ferret out faulty info on occasion. That appears to be what happened with intel he previously received regarding casting for ABC’s upcoming spinoff show Bachelor in Paradise. RS originally reported that Andi Dorfman’s contestant Marcus Grodd wouldn’t be on the cast list for the new series, but now he’s backtracking and claiming whoopsies.

The digger of all dirt recently tweeted, “The 3 guys from Andi’s season that @peoplemag referred to in their Bach in Paradise” cast list are: Dylan, Marquel, & Marcus.” He’s referring to Dylan Pettit, Marquel Martin, and Marcus Grodd. This is major news for fans of those three guys — which, duh, we are.

A tweeter responded to the news by asking about the previous report that Marcus wouldn’t be in the cast because he was holding out to be the next Bachelor (see original article below). “Didn’t you say marcus declined b/c producers manipulated him into thinking he’s the next bachelor?” the commenter asked. Mr. Steve chalked it up to misinformation. “I originally reported he was in the cast. Then got some conflicting info. The conflicting info was wrong. He’s been there since day 1.”

Aight, well now that that’s cleared up, we can get ready for tons of Marcus screentime. And if the name of the show means anything, we’re betting we’re in for loads of screen time spent with Marcus strutting around in swim shorts, which we are totally down for.

ORIGINAL STORY 6/13/14: Three names are missing from the cast list for Bachelor in Paradise, ABC’s latest Bachelor spinoff, and those still unannounced names belong to three of the men from Andi Dorfman’s season of The Bachelorette. While we can only speculate which of Andi’s guys will parlay his 15 minutes of fame into 15 minutes more, Reality Steve says he knows one name that definitely won’t be on the list — Marcus Grodd. Is he backing out so he can be the next Bachelor? The king of all things spoilerific says...

Not a chance for Mister I-love-you-even-though-this-is-only-our-first-date-Marcus. “Some of you may think that’s because Andi picks him, or God forbid, he might be the next Bachelor,” writes RS. “Well if you ask him, that’s exactly what he thinks is going to happen. Marcus has already been telling people that he’s going to be the next Bachelor.” So why does Marcus think his future holds a house of 25 beauties battling for his love?

Bachelor in Paradise Spoilers: Which of Andi Dorfman’s Guys Backed Out? (UPDATE)
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The gossip guru gives the tall drink of water some tough love, writing “Marcus, everything producers are putting into your ear are the exact same things they’re telling Chris and the exact same things they’re probably telling anyone else… you’re being played. Plain and simple. You’re not going to be the next “Bachelor.” They just want you to think you are.”

#Sadface #ouch #we’reavailablemarcus. Just to be clear, we’d tune in for every steamy second if bootiful boy Marcus was Bachelor. Those abs. Sigh.

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