True Blood Cast: Who Does a “Spot-On Impression” of Alexander Skarsgard?
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True Blood Cast: Who Does a “Spot-On Impression” of Alexander Skarsgard?

When it comes to all things True Blood, there’s not much we don’t love learning. In fact, we are proud to consider ourselves walking TB Encyclopedias. Since Season 6 is now over the hump and the inevitable season’s end is in sight, we’re taking our bits of trivia and intel wherever we can get them. Even in casual interviews, sometimes the choicest bits of dirt come up about different cast members, giving us one more reason to appreciate these talented and often hilarious folks.

In a recent interview with Vulture Chris Bauer (Sheriff Andy Bellefleur) discussed how the cast seldom gets a chance to hang out except for the episodes table reads. And we learned that it isn’t uncommon for one actor to read another actor’s part in their absence.

The world needs to know that Sam Trammell does a spot-on impression of Alex Skarsgard,” revealed Chris.

He goes on to discuss how unearthly and hilarious it is to hear Eric’s lines coming out of the Sam the sweetie’s mouth. “It sounds like Eric, and it has this breathy trace of a Swedish accent, you know what I mean? It's brilliant.” (However, Chris’s own Skarsgard impression admittedly sounds like Edward James Olmos.)

Quick somebody sneak a camera into that room and let’s get this up on Youtube for the people to enjoy! And by people, we mean us.

07.18.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Rebecca Stokes
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