Get a First Look at The Bachelor in Paradise Cast and Their Swanky Mexico Digs
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Bachelor in Paradise

Get a First Look at The Bachelor in Paradise Cast and Their Swanky Mexico Digs

As if we all needed yet another reason to want to be a part of Bachelor Nation — the destination vacations, the plethora of hotties of the opposite sex available for making out with, a potential million dollar wedding — here’s one more incentive to apply for the next Bachelor or Bachelorette casting session: the real estate.

The cast of ABC’s new spin-off series, Bachelor in Paradise, enjoyed several weeks in Tulum, Mexico in what can only be described as the house where we want to spend the rest of our lives.

Angelic Rutherford, production designer for the show, told E! she “wanted it obviously very tropical. The location is very rustic, too, but elegant at the same time, so we wanted to go in and give it a ton of color.” One of the designer’s go-to sources of color for the house were Mexican blankets — she used about 250 of them throughout, turning them into throw pillows and even using some to cover electrical wires.

What was her biggest challenge? Getting the set done in time. Angelic and her team had only 12 days to decorate the location, which she says is the length of five football fields. They also built many furniture pieces themselves, making creative use of drift wood to create sigh worthy set pieces. Um, Angelic? Wanna come to our house and see what you can do with the tree branches in the backyard?

Take a peek at the full gallery of photos here.

Lest you think the set was the prettiest thing for miles, take a gander at the latest photo of the cast who all look like they’ve enjoyed their stay in paradise. Jealous yet? Us either, we say as we stuff another Cinnabun in our mouths and sigh at the walls of our 400-square-foot apartment that resembles anything but a Mexican villa. What’s there to be jelly about?

Cruise the gallery of photos then tell us in the comments how much you’d love to spend a couple weeks in paradise.

Source: E!