True Blood Cast Reflects on Terry’s Death: “It Was Very Emotional”
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True Blood

True Blood Cast Reflects on Terry’s Death: “It Was Very Emotional”

True Blood Season 6 has been a season with a story-arc like no other! If anyone watching had any doubts left that new showrunner Brian Bruckner meant business,  the death of a much-loved regular on the most recent episode (“Don’t You Feel Me?”) should have put them all to rest.

It’s sad but true troubled but sweet Terry Bellefleur is no more. Although Arlene and Holly were quick enough to intervene when it became clear that the guilt Terry was carrying had driven him to suicide, they had no way of knowing that he had hired another man to carry out the deed. It was irony at its cruelest.

Now that the word is out, Terry gone, and with him the inestimable Todd Lowe, other members of the cast are finally speaking out about the untimely passing and how it will impact everyone as friends and as characters on the show.

Nelsan Ellis was certainly hit hard by the news that Lowe would be taking leave of the show. His frequent co-star’s absence is one he will feel keenly, and he spoke to just that at Comic-Con 2013: "He's one of my favorite people,” Nelsan told Zap2it. "It was just us for three years. Todd was there at the beginning like all of us were, so we're very sad. We're very sad that they did that and that's all I'm going to say about that."

But Nelsan wasn’t the only one speaking out. Actor Michael McMillian reflected on what Terry’s death could mean for the show down the line. "When a human dies on this show, it really gives a sense of permanent death. The way they handle it is very beautiful," he told Zap2it. "I think it's one of the storylines this year that really should just play out for the viewer and just have it unfold for themselves. ... It was handled so touchingly and so well and it was really sad."

Even relative newcomer Robert Kazinsky gave his (very sexy) two-cents: "[Terry’s death] affects Sookie, and by proxy it affects me," he said, giving weight to the suspicions that last week’s down-and-dirty tree sexin’ will not be the last encounter the two share.

What did you think Terry’s death? Are you emotionally scarred for life? Sound off in the comments!