Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Cast Then and Now — The Doctors Almost a Decade Later! (PHOTOS)

It’s hard to believe, but ;Grey’s Anatomy is headed into its tenth season. Not only is that a huge milestone for the medical drama, but it means we’ve watched these actors for almost a decade. Though not all of them are still on the show — ;R.I.P., George — they’re still in our hearts, and we’ve kept track of them post-Grey’s.

Given that they started filming the show a decade ago, we’ve rounded up photos of them side-by-side from Season 1 until now. Some of them have changed more than others (spoiler alert: McDreamy is still super dreamy), but we’ll let you see that for yourselves.

Check out the gallery to see Meredith Grey & Co. nearly ten years later, then hit the comments with who you think has changed the most!