Castle Board Game and Trading Cards Coming Fall 2012!
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Castle Board Game and Trading Cards Coming Fall 2012!

Every episode of Castle is it’s own little game of “Whodunnit?,” but now you can bring the fun of solving mysteries into your own home with two new games based on the best crime dramedy ever.

That’s right: Crypotzoic Entertainment is releasing the first-ever Castle board game, according to ICv2. While the exact game play deets remain a mystery (see what we did there?), a spokesman for Crypotozoic told iCV2 that the Castle: Murder Mystery Board Game will be “a mystery game following the basic structure of the show.”

So, you know what that means: One battered victim, a slew of potential bad guys who all turn out not to be the perp, one perfectly-coiffed Rick Castle game piece and loads of twists and turns along the way.

The game is set up so that one to six Castle aficionados aged 15+ with 30-45 minutes to spare can play at a time. So genius, it’s criminal!

And that’s not all: Crypotzoic is also releasing Castle Season 1-2 Trading Cards. The cards will include the usual show art and images of our fave characters, as well as autograph cards, wardrobe cards, and more.

Both games will hit toy shelves — and subsequently, our living rooms — in fall 2012.

Source: ICv2

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