Castle Power Rankings for Episode 3.1, “A Deadly Affair”
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Castle Power Rankings for Episode 3.1, “A Deadly Affair”

How did the detectives (and lone novelist) stack up after the premiere? Check out the power rankings for Episode 3.1!

Beckett: The All-Powerful

Beckett arrested Castle, but really, this wasn’t what fully showcased her power. Beckett can make arrests, and Castle never listens. That’s an easy equation. She’s got another very distinct edge. When the entire department threw on their Team Beckett shirts during Castle’s absence, it became clear that his charm and wit will not get him as far as Beckett’s consistency. At the end of the day, she can always fall back on her qualifications. Like, that she has some. Consider this devastating blow she delivers after releasing him: “Castle, go home. Go back to your Hamptons, your ex-wife, your book parties. OK? I’ve got work to do.” Your Hamptons? With just a few words, she paints him as a rich snob who has gone into relationship retrograde and doesn’t do important work. As one of our dear guy friends once put it: “It took me a long time, but I finally realized it. Women rule the world.”

Castle: The Semi-Powerful
Everyone should have a crush on Beckett, but they’re all in love with Castle. They gazed at the cardboard cut-out of him like they could will it to life and take it out for sushi. Who can resist the potent mix of good looks and unpredictability? When he convinced (meaning bribed) a police officer to let him on the crime scene by handing over a stereotype — coffee and doughnuts — we could only sigh. It’s love. And power.

Captain Montgomery: The Somewhat Powerless
Ok, so by way of title, Captain Montgomery is actually the most powerful, and yet, his slow hallway stroll with Beckett and Castle after the case had been cracked really reinforced his role as the guy who takes a look at the file after the work is complete. That’s not to say he doesn’t do anything (who knows what’s going on in that office? Solitaire? Naps? Decoding?), but if the Captain was truly wielding his power, we doubt he’d say to his top detective casually, “Tomorrow, I want you to tell me the story about how Castle got your gun.” Not even later today. Tomorrow’s fine.

Det. Ryan: The Completely Powerless
Poor guy always a day late and a dollar short. First, he couldn’t balance the egg on its tip and barely heard it break with the thundering clunk of Beckett’s stiletto boots. Then, when Beckett got an address for the burlesque club, she decided to invite Castle along, the man who ditched her all summer, instead of asking Ryan or Esposito to accompany her. You know, the ones who did all the work. But our favorite moment was just after Castle and Beckett shot the killers in the alley, when Ryan burst through the door and pointed his gun at an already disabled victim. We suppose Ryan and Esposito are in the same boat, but the former is the one who’s really just balancing eggs and waiting for instructions.

12.19.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Lauren Bull
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