Castle Review: What Did You Think of Castle Season 5, Episode 16, “Hunt”?
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Castle Review: What Did You Think of Castle Season 5, Episode 16, “Hunt”?

Picking up where we left off, Castle Season 5, Episode 16: “Hunt” finds Alexis Castle being held by her captors after she’s escaped to a rooftop, with the Eiffel Tower in the distance...

Agent Harris (guest star Dylan Walsh) and his team have located the girls somewhere in Paris. Castle is an anxious mess, but gains some relief when the kidnappers send their ransom demands. Hope is near when the ransom is fulfilled, but only one girl is released — and it’s not Alexis.

Unable to wait for the FBI to handle things, Castle misleads both mom and Beckett and jets over to Paris, where he meets an old friend that might be able to help. Back in the U.S., Beckett and the team work tirelessly to make sense of the case. In Paris, Castle meets an underground Frenchman who puts him on Alexis’s trail. Meanwhile, our girl Kate Beckett is kicking ass and busting down doors to find a connection to Alexis’s kidnapping. Finally we get some new info: 1) There’s a guy who is one step behind the kidnappers, but one step ahead of the police, and 2) Alexis wasn’t a victim of happenstance. She indeed was the target.

A twist here and a turn there lands our boy Rick in trouble. The Frenchman who has been helping him find Alexis has, in fact, sold him out to the kidnappers. Right before Castle can bite the big one, someone comes to his rescue. And not just anyone — it’s Castle’s father (guest star James Brolin). Talk about your family reunion...

Turns out Alexis’s abduction is the result of a feud between Castle’s dad and a former KGB spy. Castle’s dad (who goes by the alias Jackson Hunt) has been monitoring his Castle clan all these years and the KGB spy has learned of it. Now, Castle and Hunt must work together to get Alexis back. The pair devise a plan filled with explosions, gunfire and all the things action flicks are made of. Going off without a hitch, Alexis returns home with her father, who is saddened by the short time he got to spend with his old man.

When Alexis and Castle return home, they’re met with hugs and kisses from Martha and Beckett. A mysterious package is sent to Castle, which lets him know that his dad is safe and sound.

Eh, it could've been better.

This episode was great!

02.26.2013 / 09:55 AM EST by Afiya Augustine
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