Castle Spoiler: Will 3XK Return at the End of Season 5?
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Castle Spoiler: Will 3XK Return at the End of Season 5?

At the end of Castle Season 5, Episode 5: “Probable Cause,” (which re-airs tonight), we see uber-bad guy Jerry Tyson, aka 3XK, shot off of a bridge and fall to his watery death. But his body was never found, which led Castle to believe that Tyson was still alive and waiting to make his grand reappearance. So, will the Triple Killer make one more return?

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Andrew Marlowe definitely teased that the crafty killer may or may not pop back on the Castle scene.

You didn’t see a body?” he told reporters. “Yeah, I didn’t see a body either.” That sneaky ol’ Andrew. He’s so good at keeping us in the dark. Even during Wetpaint Entertainment’s exclusive interview with the creator/producer, he gave a cheeky response about the possibility of 3XK’s return:

Let's just say I haven't ruled it out,” he told Wetpaint. “But he may be dead. Castle may have killed him. I don't know.

It seems like the only thing we’re certain about is the uncertainty of the Triple Killer making a return to the show. While we suspect that 3XK will come back for one final maniacal scare, we’ll just have to wait to see what Andrew decides.

Do you think that 3XK will make a return to Castle this season? Tell us what you think below!

03.4.2013 / 10:55 PM EDT by Afiya Augustine
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