Castle Spoiler: Will Esposito Give Lanie an Ultimatum in Season 5?
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Castle Spoiler: Will Esposito Give Lanie an Ultimatum in Season 5?

Last Monday's episode of Castle, "Under the Influence," introduced us to a side of Detective Esposito we've never seen before — and we're not just talking about his lack of interior decorating skills.

Before he was a cop, Javi was a troubled kid with a rap sheet longer than Joey's. But that experience made him who he is today — a successful homicide detective with a heart of gold.

And there's no question that Lanie Parish, Castle's sassy medical examiner, holds the key to Javi's heart. But ever since that painful double date with Ryan and Jenny in Season 4, the couple has been hooking up on the downlow, no strings attached. And Esposito's not too pleased that Lanie wants to have her cake and eat it too!

“She’s the one who pushed Esposito away, when the whole marriage conversation came up, and she’s the one who’s all about the booty call and keeping it not so serious,” actor Jon Huertas told TVLine. "So it’s her that needs to put up or shut up.”

Yikes! Sounds like an ultimatum to us. Either way, Javi seems down, but it's time for Lanie to make up her mind. Esposito's a catch, and it's only a matter of time before someone else snags him. Someone like, say, Scarlet Jones

Source: TVLine