Credit: ABC/Richard Foreman Photo: Castle and Beckett Look Curious on Castle Season 5, Episode 23, “The Human Factor”

Warning: If for some reason you’ve been buried under a rock and were unable to catch the game-changing Castle Season 5 finale on May 13, then look away. However, if you were glued to your television for every minute of that epic hour, then read on!

In all honesty, we squealed with delight when Castle proposed to Beckett — on the swings where it all began, no less — but then reality set in. Not only did we soon realize that we’d have to wait upwards of three months to hear Beckett’s answer, but we also began to really question the proposal itself. Or, more specifically, the timing of it.

Don’t get us wrong, our fantasies of Castle and Beckett getting married and having beautiful Caskett babies began soon after Beckett whispered “You have no idea” into Castle’s ear in the pilot, but something about this proposal just felt off.

It took Caskett four full seasons to sleep with each other and now, after less than a year together, they’re supposed to just get married and live happily ever after? We think not. In all fairness, we don't know that that’s where series creator Andrew Marlowe is going (and we’d bet that he has several other tricks up his sleeve before uniting this duo in holy matrimony), but we were still underwhelmed by the proposal.

Credit: Richard Foreman / ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney Photo: Castle and Beckett Head to the Crime Scene on Castle Season 5, Episode 18: "The Wild Rover"

Yes, you could argue that when faced with the possibility of losing Kate (potentially forever) Rick acted drastically and did whatever he could to stay with his lady love, but was a marriage proposal devoid of any actual romance really the way to go? The proposal may have proven to Beckett that their relationship does have a future, but is it a future Beckett wants at this point in her life?

We’ve always envisioned the Caskett proposal as a happy affair perhaps involving everyone at Beckett’s “home," the precinct, but his proposal was anything but. Instead, this proposal came from a place of desperation, not love.

Are you pleased with where Castle and Beckett’s relationship is headed, or will you spend your summer writing passionate letters to Andrew Marlowe? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!