Credit: Vivian Zink /ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney Photo: Seamus Dever, Nathan Fillion, and Director Rob Bowman on the Set of Castle's Season 4 Finale, "Always"

Castle Season 5 just ended a few days ago, but like any diehard fans of the show, we’re already looking forward to Season 6, and we even have some exclusive dish to help tide us over until the September premiere.

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with one of the show’s stars, Seamus Dever (Kevin Ryan) at last month’s College Television Awards in Los Angeles, and even though the Season 5 finale had not yet aired, Seamus was eager to share his thoughts on the season ender and Season 6.

“The sixth season, heading into that, I was told the show is going to be a little bit more ensemble oriented. God knows they’ve given Jon and I a lot more to do so we’ll see if it’s headed in that direction because it’s a lot of fun when those episodes happen.”

We couldn’t agree more! We loved learning about Esposito’s backstory (including his arrest when he was a young kid) and Ryan’s badass ties to the Irish mafia. Clearly there is much more to Ryan and Espo than meets the eye!

Are you excited for the possibility of more ensemble oriented episodes in Season 6? Tell us your thoughts below!