Credit: Angela Weiss/Getty Images Photo: Tamala Jones Sports a Tangerine Dress to the Disney Media Networks International Upfronts

The big question on Castle fan’s minds at the end of the Season 5 finale was whether or not Beckett would accept Castle’s marriage proposal, but we can’t forget about the show’s other workplace couple — Lanie and Esposito — either. Like Caskett, Esplanie has gone through their ups and downs, but series creator Andrew Marlowe has already promised that Season 6 will have many “hallmarks” for our second favorite couple in the 13th precinct.

As can be expected, this news delighted Lanie’s portrayer, Tamala Jones, who shared her feelings with TVLine and even offered up a few suggestions about what she’d like to see for the pair. “I would like to see them have a steamy romance that’s hidden once again from everyone, and somehow they get busted kissing in a closet at work or something,” she revealed.

Sure, a steamy romance is fine, but Tam Tam was most certainly not a fan of having a third party getting involved in her on-screen romance, like that computer cutie Javi was eyeing at the end of Season 5.

“As a fan, I didn’t like that,” Tamala reasons. “And I know Lanie wouldn’t like that either!”

You can say that again! We know Lanie won’t put up with any of that. Still we’re excited at the prospect of some good storylines for Esplanie in Season 6 — are you?

Source: TVLine