If the spoilers are true, Kate Beckett might not be spending all of her time in the 12th Precinct when Castle returns for Season 6. And if that’s the case, then Ryan and Esposito will definitely need some company to keep them out of trouble (and away from Captain Gates’s knowing glare).

According to TVLine, a new NYPD detective by the name of Frank “Sully” Sullivan will be joining the cast for a multi-episode arc. Sully is described as being in his late 20s to early 30s and is called a “guy’s guy.”

SpoilerTV reports that actor Joshua Bitton has been cast in the role. Josh has appeared in the shows Justified and The Mentalist, but he’s actually 39, which is a bit older than the role calls for.

We’re a bit concerned about another macho detective in the 12th precinct. Everyone remembers Detective Ethan Slaughter from Season 4 who almost got Castle killed!

Are you excited or apprehensive for this new character?

Source: TVLine, SpoilerTV