Credit: Jason Kempin / Getty Images Photo: Nathan Fillion Looks Dashing at the 2013 Writers Guild Awards on Feb. 17, 2013

In the minds of many geeks and superhero fans, Castle star Nathan Fillion may be the ideal person to play Batman in Man of Steel 2 (likely replacing Christian Bale) but it turns out that the Canadian actor just can’t see himself in that iconic role.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Fillion revealed why he thinks he’d be a terrible Batman. “I wonder if my throat could take it,” he joked, noting that it’s very difficult to mimic Batman’s trademark deep voice.

Vocal stylings aside, Nathan also points out that he has yet to even be approached about taking on the role, and thinks all of the fan support for him to play Batman could have worked against him in this case.

“If you wanted to see a particular person as Batman, I think one of the worst things you could do is shove it down someone’s throat as far as the new director of Batman or the new producers of Batman,” Nathan pointed out.

And while he makes a valid point, we can’t help but play Devil’s Advocate and agree with the fans who think Mr. Fillion was born to play Batman.

Do you think he should give the role a shot, or are you in agreement that he isn’t a good fit for the part? Vote below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly