Credit: Karen Neal/ABC Photo: Esposito Takes a Swing at Josh in Season 4, Episode 1: "Rise"

We were totes prepared for some crazy stuff to go down on Castle’s Season 4 premiere — and good thing! Check out our top 10 OMG moments from Castle Season 4, Episode 1: “Rise.”

10. Beckett Dies! Then Lives!
Beckett’s vitals took a nosedive right before the commercial break, and we basically held our breath the entire time. There’s no way she could really die … is there? Our question was quickly answered after the break when the doctor came into the waiting room to tell Mr. Beckett his daughter was alive and well. Well, almost.

9. Josh Pushes Castle!
We’re not gonna lie: For a split second, we kind of found Josh sexy. Sue us. (Also, LOVE that Alexis, Castle’s 16-year-old daughter, tried to jump him in the middle of this man-brawl.)

8.  Castle Gets Kicked Out of the Precinct!
We knew the new Captain was gonna be tough, but we never thought she’d go this far. Wow. Good thing Castle’s got that hook up with the mayor.

7. Beckett Avoids Castle for Three Months!
One word: Rude.

Credit: Karen Neal/ABC Photo: Kate Looks Worn Out in Season 4, Episode 1: "Rise"

6. Somebody Has Monty’s Files!
We finally see the man who Captain Montgomery mailed the Johanna Beckett murder files to. He calls Castle — whose own headshot somehow found its way into said files — to tell him Beckett will remain safe if she backs off. Who the heck is this guy?

5. Beckett Opens Up to Castle!
First, on park swings. Then, back at the precinct. And she cries! Does it get cuter, or more shocking, than that?

4. Beckett and Josh Break Up!
‘Nuff said.

3. Beckett Freezes in the Line of Fire!
Apparently, Beckett needed that extra week of recovery. Our detective darling totally shut down when the musician-boyfriend suspect pointed a gun at her chest. Not that we blame her, but still, this is not the Beckett we know.

2. Beckett Freaks Out on the Fire Marshal!
Add this to the list of reasons Becks probably shouldn’t be back at the precinct just yet.

1. And Finally … Beckett Remembers Everything About the Shooting!
In the final moments of the premiere, Beckett reveals to her psychologist she remembers “everything” about the shooting. Yup. All of it.