How do you make it snow in Los Angeles? A combination of cotton blankets, finely-ground plastic bags, shredded potato flakes, paper pulp, and fog — according to Castle's Art Department.

In the upcoming Christmas episode, "Secret Santa," airing on Monday, Dec. 3, Castle and Beckett find themselves walking through a winter wonderland. There's nothing more magical than New York City covered in snow, but it doesn't seem like the couple will be doing much romantic strolling through Central Park …

When a man dressed as Santa Claus is found dead in the middle of the park after plummeting from midair, the pair must hunt down a cold-blooded Christmas killer. Talk about an eggnog buzz kill!

Our friends over at SpoilerTV recently posted some behind-the-scenes set pictures captured by a sneaky Castle sleuth. Click here to get your first look at Castle and Beckett's holly jolly holiday murder!

Source: SpoilerTV

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