Whew! Between all the severed heads, crazy gangs, and even crazier cops, last night's all-new Castle, Season 4, Episode 21: "Headhunters” was chock-full of super-cool wisecracks.

Check out the top quotables from the eppy below and be sure to add your favorites in the comments!

10. Castle: "Forget severed heads, I want to meet that guy!"

Castle’s got his priorities straight.

9. Slaughter: "Never say awesome. You're a grown man."

He may have a point …

8. Castle: "Shouldn’t we call for backup?"
Slaughter: "You got a skirt says 'writer' on it too?"

Better safe than, um, shot!

7. Castle: "You wouldn’t have really crushed him."
Slaughter: "Nah, course not. It would have been more of a … mangling."

That’s reassuring.

6. Slaughter: "You packin’?"
Castle: "Packing? No. I’m not a cop. My vest says 'writer' on it."

Yeah, ‘cause that’s normal.

5. Slaughter: "Drop it or your wife will be getting a volume discount at the mortuary."


4. Ryan: "I feel like he's cheating on us."

We know, right?

3. Slaughter: "I need a writer around as much as I need a case of crabs."

Just so we’re clear, that’s "not at all," right?

2. Castle: "That was awesome! Beckett never drives on the sidewalk!"

Perhaps because Beckett is sane?

1. Castle: "It’s really gonna help me shake up this next Nikki Heat book."
Beckett: "Yeah. Sure. If you live long enough to write about it."

Blunt, but true.

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