Fans might still be bummed over all the missing Caskett moments this week, but our favorite precinct didn’t lack in the quotes department. We know you giggled like a teenager. It’s OK to admit it.

With all the twists and turns of Castle Season 5, Episode 12: “Death Gone Crazy,” here’s a second look at our Top 10 quotables for the week. Feel free to LOL again.  

10. Martha (about Alexis): And the camera just loves her. Of course, she gets that from me.

She’s never short on modesty.

9. Esposito: Someone that sexy going to prison? That, in itself, is a crime.

He’s already got the handcuffs ready.

8. Alexis (to Castle): You think I’m catnip for predators online.

Everyone loves a Castle. But stalkers are not cute.

7. Martha: If you’re method writing and playing the role of your murder victim, could you die a little bit more quietly, please?

At least this would mean he’s writing again.

6. Ryan: I never thought I’d say this after graduating the sixth grade, but our bra research is in.

Exactly what elementary school did Ryan go to?

5. Esposito: She broke a guy’s nose. You know she’s gotta be freaky.

A lady in the street…

4. Tiffany Shaw (to Beckett): You ever do it in a nightclub, detective? Hot, sweaty, quick?  [whispers] Things go missing.

Dignity included?

3. Esposito: Yo. How’s the in-breast-igation going?
Ryan: And that’s why you’re still single. 

This sound like something Castle would say.
2.  Ryan (to Esposito): Sorry we had to cop block you, bro.

Forget honor and protect. That is rule no. 1.

1. Esposito: $250 for a bra?
Lanie: Oh, but it’s OK to spend that on a pair of sneakers, right?
Esposito: A pair of sneakers is practical, OK? They can support your, um…
Castle: Eject.

First world debates.