Credit: Michael Desmond/ABC Photo: Castle & Beckett Look Perplexed in Episode 3.20, "Slice Of Death"

We like to imagine a future for Castle and Beckett that includes sitting at a cafe somewhere in the Hamptons, ignoring each other (and the children) to play on their phones. These two really love their apps, so let's take a look at a few that have held their attention recently.

Magnifying App

Like a thrift store disco ball, a magnifying app is something that makes you think, "One day, when I least expect it, I'll need this." Castle put it to good use in "Law & Murder" when he spotted the vic in a crowded photo from a linked crime scene. If technology had never been invented by Thomas Edison, this case might have gone unsolved for 15 more minutes.


Yeah, this one got Castle into a little bit of trouble with Alexis. Though almost everyone makes it a point these days to announce online where they are physically, it's a little creepy to track your daughter's whereabouts throughout the day, especially when she's using her savings to cover for her friends in Williamsburg. She's under enough stress as it is.

NYPD-Run-Down-the-Phone-Number-So-a-Face-Pops-Up App

Using a number in Gordon Burns' notebook in "Slice of Death," Beckett's phone magically made a photo of Monica Wyatt appear, and she turned out to be a really, really bad person. Yet another victory for applications. Castle was super jealous. Weren't we all a little jealous?  

Angry Birds App

OK , Beckett looked legit disappointed when Castle said he wasn't going to let her play his new Angry Birds Rio if she wasn't willing to share her fancy NYPD app. How many hours has she lost to these birds? How many cases are still pending because of it?