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Moonlighting curse what Moonlighting curse? Two of TV’s hottest will-they-or-won’t-they couples have now officially entered into will-they territory, and guess what? The universe didn’t come to an end. The witty banter is still there. The tension is still there.

Just because a TV show’s two lead characters hooked up, that doesn’t mean that the show has jumped the shark and is headed straight for ruin.

Bones proved that last season. Crime-fighting duo Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) finally hooked up after six seasons of will they/won’t they, and the universe didn’t end. The two even had a baby together, but their witty banter and chemistry-charged dynamic wasn’t sapped dry. In fact, Bones just entered its eighth season last Monday, and it kicked off with a steamy, shirtless washing machine makeout scene enough to make any fan get a little weak at the knees.

Monday’s Castle Season 5 premiere, “After the Storm,” featured a similar scene. We saw Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett (Stana Katiclying in bed the morning after. He was shirtless. She was wearing nothing but one of his white button-up shirts.

They reflected back over that long-awaited hookup — noteIt was good — and both of them agreed that they were ready to get together for real. (Well, they’re still keeping their relationship a secret from everyone. So we guess it’s not official. But still.)

We’ll still have to wait a while to see how Castle and Beckett’s relationship works out long-term, but based on Monday’s episode, we don’t think that any of the chemistry of their banter-filled teammate dynamic has been lost now that these two finally did the deed.

So, now that two of our favorite TV crime fighting couples are together, and hotter than ever, we’ve got to know —  which of their sexy (pre- or post-) hookup scenes did you like the best? Are you still feeling hot and bothered over Booth and Brennan’s steamy makeout session on top of their washing machine (complete with her peeling his shirt off of course)? Or is Castle and Beckett’s sexy morning-after scene your ultimate favorite?

Because Kate is technically still on suspension from the police force, which means she’s about to have a lot more days off. And we’re willing to be that she and Castle aren’t going to pass the time by reading any books. Or watching TV.

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