Credit: Tyler Shields Photo: Costume Designer Luke Reichle

This season on Castle, noir is the new fabulous. Just ask costume designer and stylist Luke Reichle.

In an exclusive interview with Wetpaint Entertainment, Reichle revealed his fashion choices for the upcoming noir episode, which flashes back to the 1940s.

Nathan [Fillion] was built for '40s clothes, I can tell you. He looks like a gazillion dollars in these double breasted pinstripe suits with topcoats and the fedora,” says Reichle.

“It's a very powerful, powerful image. Hot. He looks really hot.”

According to the stylist, Ryan (Seamus Dever) gets to channel his inner Irishman, whereas Esposito (Jon Huertas) shows off a more Cuban flavor. But handsome as they may be, it’s the women that really wow.

Credit: Photo: Castle Costume Designer Luke Reichle Outfits Susan Sullivan

“You're just going to be knocked out by the gowns for Stana [Katic], that are just phenomenal,” says Reichle. “She plays a gangster's girlfriend. And Susan [Sullivan] is sort of the wise-cracking secretary. I based her [wardrobe] on a combination of Rosalind Russell and May Barton. And Tamala [Jones] is in the episode in a very prominent way, and she looks really hot.”

While Reichle is fairly generous with details surrounding the other characters, it’s Molly Quinn’s Alexis Castle that he wants to keep a tight secret.

“Molly is a little bit of a mystery,” he teases. “If you look at pictures of Molly, and especially now because she's become such a woman, she has an extraordinary period look to her.  And I used to think that she resembled Anne Blyth quite a bit, but Anne Blyth doesn't have as delicate a face as Molly does."

"Molly has this luminous skin and incredible natural red hair, and the neck goes from here to there, and heart‑shaped face. And it's just like, wow! You could build an entire period movie series around her. She just has that incredible look.”

For more fashion tips from Luke, go to his website at Secrets of the Red