Credit: ABC Photo: Sneak Peek of Castle Season 3, Episode 15: "The Final Nail"

In the mood for a folksy, indie, Brooklyn-y song? You’ve come to just the right place! Here’s the music guide for “The Final Nail.”

Artist:  The Seventeens
Song: “Anywhere With You”
Check out the music video here.

You heard it when: Castle and Beckett walked off into the Park Avenue sunset for a few beers. Beckett had a couple of hours before her Valentine’s Day dinner with Motorcycle Man Josh, so why not spend it with the man she really loves?

This song worked because: the music on Castle gets it in a way that the characters don’t, probably because they can't hear it. Case in point:

Put your arms around me,
let’s play spin the world.
We can stop anywhere,
don’t have to say a word.

It’s a downer when you discover an old friend plotted a murder, especially on the day of love. Luckily, Beckett was buying.

Nini Camps and McGowan Southworth are The Seventeens.