We always knew that Rick Castle was one of New York City's most eligible bachelors, but tonight was a total game changer. Did you see the size of his … beachfront property?! Kate Beckett, you've found yourself a keeper, girl.

Luckily, madam Beckett was in rare form. Instead of closed-off it was clothes off — literally! — as the brunette beauty conveniently forgot her swimsuit, making for one of the most blush-worthy scenes in the history of primetime television. Unluckily, their midsummer night's skinny-dip was cut short by — yep, you guessed it — a dead body.

Somebody call Jessica Fletcher, stat!

Although we didn't get the immediate Caskett action we were hoping for, the high-society murder turned out to be rather fun. When the local Hamptons police proved their utter lack of competence, the ruggedly handsome mystery writer went straight into nerd mode — dragging his detective muse along for the ride kicking and screaming. And the best part? Beckett's knee-length denim shorts.

Actually, scratch that. The best part was Detective Ryan's shocking discovery — and we're not talking about the case of the recently deceased meth-dealing socialite! Instead of flaunting his knowledge of Caskett's fledgling affair to his inquisitive sidekick, Ryan took the high road and called off the investigation — much to the dismay of one Javier Esposito.

But as far Castle and Beckett — or should we say Caskett? — are concerned, they got off scot-free. And that, dear 'shippers, calls for a celebration.

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