Monday’s Castle, Season 4, Episode 20: "The Limey" looks like a doozy, as Castle, Beckett, and devilishly handsome Scotland Yard Detective Hunt investigate the murder of his friend’s daughter, a model.

We know there are several cool things in store: a shocking look at one dreamy detective’s “badge” of honor, a debutante ball (with Beckett in a stunning floor-length black gown!), and a hot blonde on Castle’s arm, for starters. Typical.

But there’s still a few more things we really, really hope will happen in addition to — or as a result of — what we already know. Check ‘em out below, and be sure to add your own predictions in the comments.

Then, tune in to Castle on Monday, April 2, 2012 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC. 

4. Beckett Takes Out the Enemy

Although Beckett kisses ass on the dance floor with Nigel Winthrop, Deputy General at the British Consulate and suspect numero uno, we hope it’s just so she can later kick some. Beckett wouldn’t really get cozy with the enemy, would she?

3. Lanie and Beckett Get Some Girl Time!

Proof that if you ask for something long enough, you shall receive. Thank you, ABC! Now, if only the detective actually follows L’s advice to tell Castle how she feels, that would be a real treat.

2. The Tables (of Jealousy) Turn

Because even though we feel horribly bad for him right now, it’s still nice to see Castle get a case of the green envies for a change. And judging by this scene where a dolled-up Kate Beckett saunters off with her shockingly handsome date, well, we’re gonna go ahead and assume Castle won’t exactly be jumping for joy all ep.

Plus, a jealous Castle probably equals …

1. A LOT of Detective Hunt, Scotland Yard Investigator

That is, if you can get any “more” of chiseled hunk Detective Hunt than his entire, um, package.  But, man, if you can — let us at it! Sorry, Castle!

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