Hold on to your dancing shoes, Castle fans, because Season 4, Episode 18: "A Dance With Death" (airing next Monday, March 19, 2012) is the calm before the storm, according to show creator Andrew Marlowe.

"This was the season of secrets. Those secrets are going to start to come out and they're going to have repercussions for both of our characters and will lead to a very exciting, very emotional conclusion to the season," he told TVGuide.com.

"It will be an emotionally explosive episode that will leave both of our characters changed," he added.

TVGuide.com is also reporting that with Alexis heading off to college, Castle will be forced to make some life-changing decisions.

Add that to what Tamala Jones told us about the murder mysteries, crazy cliffhanger, and emotional booms, and there's a good chance we might not survive this season finale.

At least Stana Katic is putting some of our anxiety to rest, telling TVGuide.com that Castle and Beckett are inching closer and closer to coupledom.

"True Caskett fans are going to be well-pleased by the end of this season," she said. "We're well on our way in that direction."

Source: TVGuide.com

Credit: YouTube Photo: Castle's Stana Katic: Kate Beckett Is "Really Ready" To Tell Castle How She Feels (VIDEO)

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