Credit: Richard Cartwright /ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney Photo: Alexis Castle Comes Home For Christmas in Castle Season 5, Episode 9: "Secret Santa"

Can you imagine a world without Alexis Castle? We gave our reasons why we think Rick's daughter should live to see another day in the Castle world, but what about reasons that she should bite the big one?

If there's one thing Castle has taught us, it's to prepare for every eventuality. While we wouldn’t dream of Alexis being killed off the show, her death is something we have to be ready for just in case.

Here’s our top three ways Alexis’s death can change Castle:   

1. Alexis’s Death Could Bring Castle and Beckett Closer:

If there's one thing that brings people together, it’s a death in the family. This can be the clincher that kickstarts a tighter relationship between Beckett and Castle. Grieving dad + empty apartment = girlfriend moving in. On the other hand, Alexis’s death could tear them apart. He did warn her in “Target” that he’d “never forgive her” if she didn’t find his baby. But finding her alive wasn’t necessarily a condition...

2. Alexis’s Death Could Be Castle’s Vengeance Arc:

Just like Beckett has her own vengeance story with the untouchable Senator Bracken, this could be Castle’s revenge plot. He would continue to work with the police (or go rogue) to find the man who killed his daughter. Ooh.

3. We Lose One Castle But Gain Another:

Since we know that Castle’s father will have something to do with her recovery, and Andrew Marlowe did tease that this could be the start of an ongoing relationship between the two Castle men, maybe we have to get rid of one Castle to make room for another. Think about it — two Castle men joining forces to avenge the death of the sweet innocent girl who was caught in the middle of another man’s fight? That sounds interesting...


Do you think Alexis should be killed off the show? Tell us your thoughts!