Credit: Ron Tom/ ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney

That’s right, Castle fans! If you wanted more opportunities for Castle and Beckett to get it on, this may be your chance. TVLine is reporting that ABC has extended the show by adding one more episode to the Season 5 roster.

Over the years, Castle’s episode orders have been growing and growing. The show’s mid-season debut only had 10 episodes, which did fairly well. But then the second season, which was initially set for 13 episodes, got bumped up to 22, then 24. That’s a huge order!  

Ever since that, Castle’s been rocking out with at least 23 episodes, with this latest season now reaching a total of 24. Looks like we’ll have one more night to see if Caskett will make some sweet passionate love. Yowza!

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Source: TVLine