Someone has some Esplanie-ing to do! Sure, Esposito and Lanie are currently on the outs (thanks to some “sad” booty calls), but things in the Castle detective’s romantic life are about to heat up. 

According to TVLine, in Episode 12, “Death Gone Crazy” (airing on Jan. 21), Esposito meets former bodyguard Scarlet Jones. Scarlet fails to save her client, Beau Randolph, from murder, but she does manage to attract the attention of one Javier Esposito.

Is she somehow involved in her client’s murder? Could Javi be in trouble? Maybe so, or maybe she’ll make for a great rebound after the heartache of Lanie Part Deux.

Scarlet will be played by Arrow’s Kelly Hu.

Are you excited to see Esposito’s new love interest? Tell us below!  

Source: TVLine