Part of being a New York City cop means dealing with the most dangerous, ruthless criminals of them all — mobsters. Kate Beckett knows this all too well

In Castle Season 5, Episode 8: "After Hours," airing on Nov. 19, the detective and her mystery writer boy toy will come face-to-face with the McElroys — a notorious crime family with ties to their victim.

Credit: Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images; Michael Buckner/Getty Images Photo: Tony Denison and Patrick Fischler to Guest Star on Castle Season 5, Episode 8: "After Hours"

According to TVLine, actor Tony Denison (The Closer) will play Mickey Dolan, a McElroy family enforcer who was friends with the deceased. Castle and Beckett will undoubtedly consider Mickey a suspect, as he recently had a "falling out" with the victim. 

But do they have the evidence to lock him up? Their smoking gun may come in the form of a "mild mannered" witness named Leo Conrad, played by Lost alum Patrick Fischler. Unless, of course, the mobsters get to him first … 

Castle Season 5, Episode 8: "After Hours" airs on Nov. 19 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC. Will you tune in? 

Source: TVLine

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