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Rewind the Castle clock to the Season 2 finale, when Rick invited Kate to his Hamptons house for Memorial Day weekend. Unfortunately, the detective was all tied up with her boyfriend Tom Demming at the time, so Castle went into self preservation mode and suggested they spend some time apart.

Although Beckett had a last-minute change of heart, it was too late. Castle had already invited his ex-wife, Gina, and together they strolled off into the summer sunset.

But that was two seasons ago, before Castle and Beckett made passionate love during a midnight rainstorm. The Season 4 finale was a total game-changer for the star-crossed pair, and now that they're a bona fide couple, we can't help but wonder if Castle will extend another Hamptons invite to his beautiful muse.

According to TV Guide, the mystery author will summon Kate Beckett to his weekend hideaway in Season 5 — but Castle wouldn't be Castle without a little bloodshed, so don't expect Caskett to get too cozy.

Show creator Andrew Marlowe told TV Guide that a fresh-faced police chief crashes Castle and Beckett's romantic getaway when he asks them to help out with his first murder case.

Ugh. Talk about a buzzkill!

Source: TV Guide

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