What's the only thing better than one ginger? Two gingers!

This season on Castle, Richard's airheaded ex-wife Meredith, played by Scandal's Darby Stanchfield, returns out of the blue to take Alexis on an impromptu mother/daughter bonding trip to Europe, according to TV Guide.

Unfortunately — or fortunately, depending on how you look at it — Alexis comes down with a bout of mono (who has she been kissing lately?!), and returns home from Columbia University for some Rick Castle TLC. 

What she doesn't expect is a full house. Not only is Meredith making herself cozy in Castle's loft, but Kate Beckett is also shacking up at the mystery writer's humble abode. No, no, they haven't moved in together yet — Beckett's apartment is being fumigated and she simply needs a place to stay. But something tells us, this is not the kind of sleeping arrangement she had in mind!

Get ready for an overabundance of estrogen, Castle! It's going to be long couple of days. 

Source: TV Guide 

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