Credit: ABC/Richard Foreman Photo: Beckett Looks Frustrated on Castle Season 5, Episode 20, “The Fast and the Furriest”

Castle and Beckett are back to their sleuthing ways this Monday night on Castle in Season 5, Episode 20, and the latest crime has the loved-up duo traipsing through a forest. Castle is eager to prove his manliness by making various animal calls in an effort to attract the furry culprit, but no-nonsense Beckett has zero patience for her man’s wilderness expertise.

After a brief break last week and a series intense episodes, we must admit that we’re loving the Caskett banter, even if the idea of the pair searching for a Bigfoot-esque killer is a little bizarre.

In an exclusive clip from Entertainment Weekly, Castle and Beckett seem to be rubbing each other the wrong way as they struggle to crack the case. In fact, Beckett gets so irritated at one point that she says she may “murder” her beau. But after they fall down a ditch and hear some suspicious growls, it seems like someone or something may beat her to the punch!

Are you excited for Season 5, Episode 20, “The Fast and the Furriest”?

Source: Entertainment Weekly