Credit: Ron Tom/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney Photo: Richard Castle Looks Serious in Castle Season 5, Episode 11: "Under the Influence"

Spoiler alert! We’ve just got some interesting news about an upcoming episode of Castle and it’s all about Rick astle’s life! Dun dun dunnn!

In Season 5, Episode 17, a young woman appears to have been “scared to death,” and the case takes Castle and Beckett to an asylum where a bunch spooky things happen. Glee’s Romy Rosemont guest stars as Nurse Lockhart, a “syrupy sweet caretaker.” Eww, that is spooky. How does this relate to Castle?

According to TVLine, the woman apparently died after watching a “haunted” DVD and Castle accidentally watches the video. Yikes! He begins to fear for his own life, and it takes the team on it’s eeriest case ever. Let’s see how Castle gets his way out of this one!

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