Credit: Jesse Grant/Stringer Photo: When Is Seamus Dever's Birthday?

Love is in the air for Castle's Seamus Dever (Detective Ryan), who will be saying “I do” for the second time to IRL wife Juliana Dever (Jenny Duffy O’Malley) during the fictional characters’ wedding in tonight's all-new episode.

In a recent interview with Press Pass LA, 36-year-old Seamus says he hopes another Castle couple will follow in his and Jenny’s footsteps. On-screen, that is.

“I have always been in the category of a ‘shipper’ of Castle and Beckett's relationship — that they get together and that we are all forced to just figure it out,” Seamus reveals.

However, Seamus maintains a pretty realistic view on Caskett’s future.

“I hope something happens, but they will never live happily ever after. Anyone who thinks that is kidding themselves! Two people with as strong of personalities as they have could never be completely happy for forever, but there could be some fun new ways that the show could go if we explore that storyline. So, I'm not afraid of it and I hope it does happen,” he says.

Spoken like a true ‘shipper!

Source: PressPassLA

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