We already know that Stana Katic is pretty much the biggest Caskett 'shipper that ever was, while Nathan Fillion would prefer to see the witty pair take it slow — but where does the rest of the Castle cast stand on our darling detective and sexy mystery writer's budding relationship?

"What are they doing?" Jon Huertas asked TheTVAddict.com at PaleyFest last Friday, March 9, 2012. "It's almost like they're wasting Esposito's valuable time with this relationship crap. You're either gonna solve cases and you're gonna leave each other alone, or you're gonna do something."

And by "do something," Jon really means "do it."

"I want them to at least jump into bed. Hook up. See what happens. If you don't fall in love, great. But if you guys love each other, like each other enough, you should get under covers. Skin to skin. Just get naked."

Amen, Jon. Amen.

Source: TheTVAddict

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