If you haven't checked out the newly revamped StanaKatic.com, what are you waiting for?

Castle's leading lady recently unveiled her new Internet home, which has a sort of surrealist dreamscape quality to it. The floating navigation icons may seem random, but they're all strategically placed and make for excellent punnery — a lynx for links? Brilliant!

In addition to a news section, photo gallery, and contact info, Stana has pages dedicated to her good deeds ("My Good Juju") and living courageously ("Sine Timore," which means "without fear" in Latin).

On Stana's Fan Page, you'll find a list of all her TV and movie roles, which link to external sites where you can purchase them on DVD.

We love Stana's new site almost enough to replace Wetpaint.com as our browser homepage. Well, almost.

Source: StanaKatic.com

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