Credit: ABC Photo: Castle and Beckett Look for Info in Castle Season 3, Episode 13: "Knockdown"

Castle producers have done an impeccable job walking the line between fantasy and reality. When we first saw that Naked Heat and Heat Wave not only listed Richard Castle as author, but were also on real live bookshelves (and The New York Times' Best-Seller List!), we were elated, obvi. But we also wondered: How can a fictional character write books? And how are they sooo darn good? We don’t know, folks. But he does. And they are.

And now, Writer Castle even has his very own domain! That’s right, kids. Rick's home on the net is complete with a blog (the latest entry says Castle can add “bomb diffuser” to his resume — love the show tie-in!), a reader Q&A section, a cute “About Me” page, and a link to buy his books, naturally.

Guess our lil’ tech geek Nathan Fillion is more like his character than we thought.