Credit: Karen Neal/ABC Photo: Captain Gates Gets Settled in Season 4, Episode 1: "Rise"

After months of speculation, we were finally introduced to the new captain of the 12th precinct, Victoria “Iron Gates” on the Season 4 premiere of Castle.

We pretty much had the whole summer to prepare ourselves for the hurricane of a new bosslady (read: make up a whole bunch of bad stuff about her in our heads and scare ourselves silly that she was somehow going to break up Caskett) and last night we finally got to see the real deal.

We knew from spoilers she’d be whip smart and very by the book — check and check! — but we also had our own assumptions, too — like she’d probably need anger management ... and we don’t think we stand corrected.

But enough about us. What did you think about Castle’s latest lady addition? Is “Iron Gates” as horrible as you imagined, or did she fail to live up to her hyped “hard ass” image?