Credit: TwitPic Photo: Beckett's New Pad
Detective Beckett is movin’ on up to a brand spankin’ new apartment! Stana Katic tweeted a pic of her character’s new pad yesterday, and we gotta say, it looks good.

We won’t get to see the loft on screen until Episode 14, which prob won’t air until late January or early February. Boo. But the Castle team is filming in the “impossibly gorgeous” loft as we speak, according to some tweets from a member of Castle’s prop team.

Why the upgrade? Well, aside from the fact that Beckett’s apartment was destroyed by a crazy killer in Season 2, Episode 18, maybe our fave detective thought she needed a new place to go along with the other changes in her life (like, um, her new boyfriend Richard Castle?). We can only hope.

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Source: Twitter, Twitpic