Credit: Karen Neal/ABC Photo: Captain Gates Means Business in Season 4, Episode 1: "Rise"

Captain Victoria “Iron" Gates is cold as ice, but last night we saw glimpses of the frosty queen warming up to her new team. Not only did she crack a (half) smile or two, she also seemed rather proud of the Castle crew for solving the superhero case.

Er, “the cops” of the crew, that is.

Gates made it very clear at episode’s end that she doesn’t consider Castle — the “dilettante writer” — a valuable part of her precinct.

Or does she?

We think Gates might be opening up to Castle.

In fact, we have an inkling she might just be ‘playing’ the bad guy with him. Why? Gates is so traditional and doesn’t want to do anything that might put her job in jeopardy. And having a writer in the precinct, solving murders? Probably isn’t the most common thing ever.

Then again, neither is a superhero killer.

So, you tell us …