You might want to drink an extra cup of coffee today, Castle fans, because tonight’s episode is brand new and you’ll need all of your attention as Castle and Beckett track Bigfoot!

That’s right — the hairy, mysterious monster is infiltrating the 12th Precinct in Castle Season 5, Episode 20, “The Fast and the Furriest.”

The official synopsis reads:

When Castle and Beckett find giant footprints at the site of a vicious murder, the team is forced to confront the unlikely theory that Bigfoot is the killer. But as they trek into the world of primate research, big game hunting and mythological creatures, they realize that finding the man (or beast) responsible may put them on the endangered species list.

We have a feeling that Castle will be the one insisting on the existence of Bigfoot while the ever-level-headed Beckett will look for the truth behind the murder.

In preparation for tonight’s episode, be sure to check out the spoiler photos and light the candles in your Caskett shrine.

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Castle Season 5, Episode 20, “The Fast and the Furriest,” airs Monday, April 15, 2013 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.