Credit: Richard Foreman / ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney Photo: Jenny and Ryan Smile at Each Other on Castle Season 5, Episode 18: "The Wild Rover"

Castle Season 5 is on a roll, and the crime-fighting duo of Castle and Beckett are showing no signs of slowing down, even after the house of horrors they were subjected to last week! In the show’s 99th episode, Beckett and her man investigate a Staten Island crime family who happen to have a history with Detective Ryan.

Say what?!

The official synopsis for Season 5, Episode 18 is as-follows:

When a man is found dead in an industrial cake mixer, Castle and Beckett trace the murder to an Irish gang in Staten Island and a beautiful bar owner named Siobhan O'Doul (guest star Cara Buono, Mad Men). Much to everyone's surprise, Detective Ryan has a complicated history with Siobhan and the Staten Island crime family from his days working undercover in narcotics. When the case hits a dead end, Ryan must go back undercover to expose the killer, complicating his relationship with his wife.” 

As excited as we are about a Ryan-centric episode, we still hope there are plenty of Caskett moments that we can swoon over and replay on our DVRs time and time again.

Check out a sneak peek and share your thoughts on tonight’s episode below!